Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy and have had all the yummy holiday treats they could handle!  This one is always a favourite and since you can freeze it, you can nibble a little when you want!

Life is an adventure and has been busy with lots of fiber art so there hasn't been much sharing here.  Instagram is always quick and easy for sharing and sometimes this blog is sadly neglected!  

Thank you for always coming back to check if there are new yums, photos and stories. :)

All the best to you in this new year 2019!

Frozen Raspberry Cheesecake

1 c        Oreo baking crumbs
1/4 c     Vegan margerine
2/3 c      Icing Sugar
2/3 c      Raspberry juice undiluted 
              (from container of frozen raspberries)
 1 tsp     Lemon juice

Add margarine to a small pot & when melted add the Oreo Cookie Crumbs.  Spread this mixture into 
a  9” spring form pan & put in freezer.

Now you can get to the good stuff!!

In a separate bowl, mix the cream cheese with the icing sugar, adding a little at a time, until mixture is smooth.

Add in the raspberry & lemon juices with large mixing spoon.

Now fold whipped cream/vanilla ice cream into the cream cheese mixture & watch it turn into a lovely pink bowl of heaven.

Pour the cream cheese/juice mixture into crust that is in the freezer & freeze until firm - 4 hours at least.

Garnish with thawed raspberries, chocolate shavings & chocolate curls & fresh mint.  
Alternatively you can grate a minty chocolate bar on top!


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time Flies...

It seems like forever since we had anything to post here but life moves quickly at times and you only have time for this or that.  Making time for real world experiences and nature have to be at the top of the list.  Instagram makes online sharing quick and easy but makes it too easy to neglect writing deep thoughts about all the things that you might find joy in. A picture is worth a thousand words, sure...but words, those lovely words that can convey so much will always be priceless.

We were lucky to escape on a canoe trip for a week and meet all kinds of tiny critters and once again spy a variety of mushrooms that make our head spin.  There is so much around you if you only take the time to look. And it changes daily.  Not only did we see critters and mushrooms, but we were lucky to find an amazing array of feathers each day. Some hailing from mighty impressive beasts.

We hope you'll enjoy our little collages and forgive the long absence if you have missed us here.
Some of the most excellent fungi that we found on our morning strolls.

 Lots of little friends that we made and some awesome feathers found!
The most impressive feather, other than those of the Nuttal's Woodpecker, was this tail feather that we identified through Feather Atlas as that of the Northern Harrier.

We hope all of our friends are happy and well and that you are having your own awesome adventures. Life is short so get out there and live it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Birds of a Feather....

We have been off having so many adventures in 
beautiful places this fall that we have neglected our blog!  

Canoeing, hiking, sitting by lakes with cold drinks & warm campfires 
watching the sun go down, greeting misty mornings on calm northern lakes
with tasty coffee & beautiful silence.  What better place to be!?
I've been so pleased with the variety of birds I have seen this year.  
There have been a lot more but here are some to enjoy that maybe you haven't seen!  
There is such peace watching birds, it could be that when you are enjoying them you are in nature, being silent and forgetting all your worries.  
Just enjoying the tiniest of creatures; some not so tiny - see hawk in my cherry tree!

Top Row - Loon, White Breasted Nuthatch, Coopers Hawk, Male Northern Cardinal, Baby Swallows

Middle Row - Black Capped Chickadee, Male Downy Woodpecker, Male House Finch, Baltimore Oriole

Bottom Row - American Robin, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Blue Jay, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Female Northern Cardinal & Male House Finch

You can also enjoy a few more pics here in a small video we made.

Hope all our friends are happy & safe & that the 
holiday season will be warm & kind to you all.  

Enjoy every minute of life....its very short. 

Thursday, August 04, 2016

It's Good to Grow!

Who doesn't love succulents?  Finally we have had time to give it a whirl; propagating some new plants from leaf cuttings.  Being the first time, there has been a lot of uncertainty but as you can see the wee roots are coming along nicely!
After letting the leave tips "scar" over, I placed them on a shallow bed of cactus & succulent soil.  I used a super spray bottle to gently mist them for a few days, then used a more direct stream in the soil in front of each tip - daily.  They are in a sunny spot but not direct sunlight & happily more than expected are rooting!  Experts said half would be acceptable but we are at a good 70%!!

It all started with this group that I purchased to beautify my Grandpa's old toolbox; which is likely about 30+ years old.  Then the addiction kicked in.....hee hee

Happy Summer friends & don't forget how good it feels to get your hands dirty!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

When Life Gives You Cherries....Bounce!

After dreaming about & planning for when our cherry tree was ripe with fruit, we are finally able to join the The Great Cherry Bounce Experiment shared by the lovely mind behind Outlander Kitchen, Theresa Carle-Sanders.

On a very warm 32°C day here in Ontario Canada we didn't mind one bit pulling out the ladder, getting our lovely galvanized pail & carefully selecting the ripest cherries our short little arms could reach.  The rest of the cherries still have a few days before we get to the serious work of jam & being jarred in light syrup.  Perhaps another batch of bounce with Jameson Whiskey?  We shall see!

For now though, this batch will chill in a nice cool dark place until Hogmany!  Perhaps a nip at Christmas? hee hee

For anyone who thinks that this is something they would enjoy, head over to Theresa's page for recipe fun & realizations! Thanks Theresa!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

One can hardly mind the rain when it will provide the beautiful signs of spring....the greening of grass....the popping up of lovely coloured flowers. However, rainy days can also provide yummy soup!

A lucky purchase of plum tomatoes at $5 inspired my attempt at a Tomato Basil Soup.  Let's see what I did & whether its something that YOU would like to try!

You will need:
3-4 lbs of Plum Tomatoes halved
1 tbs Kosher Salt & 1 tsp Ground Pepper
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 large Onion chopped
4-6 cloves Garlic minced
Sprinkle of Red Pepper flakes
4 cups of Vegetable Soup Broth
1 can of Chopped Tomatoes
1-2 cups Basil Leaves
Stick Blender

Preheat the oven to 375F
Slice your plum tomatoes in half & in a large bowl add the olive oil, salt & pepper.  Toss like a pro & place tomatoes onto a baking sheet & pop into the oven approximately 45 minutes.  A little smoking is normal!  While tomatoes are in oven, prep the onion, garlic, clean the basil & make the soup broth.

In a large pot add 1 tbs Olive Oil & saute the onions, garlic & red pepper flakes until they are tender.  Next add the Canned Chopped Tomatoes, Vegetable Soup Broth & whole Basil Leaves.  Grab your tray from the oven and pour the entire tray of Roasted Plum Tomatoes into the pot.

Bring it to a nice boil & then simmer for 30-40 minutes. Use your stick blender to mix & enjoy!  Grilled Cheese on Lentil Bread will be our companion today! Yum!

Such a tasty little dish!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Spring!

Wow, it has been a long while since I was here to post some yummy food!  Sometimes life happens that way & the "real" world needs your attention a little more.  Time to get back to sharing though!  And what better to start with then some super vegan nachos!!  Sure you can have nacho chips & salsa anytime, but why not take some extra prep time once in a while & give yourself a fully loaded treat!
Of course you will need a few things, I love the way Daiya Cheese Shreds melt so that is my go to for this dish.  You can use any nacho chips you like as there are many to choose from. My favourite Salsa is Pace so I use that & also Toffuti Sour Cream.

1 vine ripened tomato finely chopped
1/2 red onion finely chopped
1 finely diced jalapeño pepper
1 can of black beans rinsed
1 cup Daiya Mozzerella Shreds
1 cup Diaya Cheddar Shreds
1 can of sliced black olives (optional)

1 cup of shredded lettuce
1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
1 cup Pace salsa
1 can, or freshly made, refried beans warmed (mashed black beans works)
Tofutti sour cream as desired

diced shallot
small finely diced jalapeño
2 cloves garlic
juice of 1 lime
mashed with 3-5 avocados
chopped cilantro (optional)
I like to refrigerate this for a while for the flavours to blend. And sometimes eat with a spoon! hehe

Preheat your oven to 425˚ now.

  1. On a baking tray, spread your nacho chips into a shallow layer without them becoming bulky.
  2. Next take half of the tasty mixed Daiya Cheese Shreds & sprinkle evenly over the nachos.
  3. Add the fresh beans & veg ingredients you have chosen, you can do anything you like really, & add it evenly over the nachos & cheese.  
  4. Lastly, take the remaining cheese & sprinkle over the top of it all; decorating it like the masterpiece it has become!
Place into the oven on centre rack for 6-8 minutes or until cheese becomes melty.  Then switch your oven to broil & cook for approximately 1 minute or until the cheese is how you like it.  Be careful to watch for any corners of nacho chips that may be becoming too brown & on its way to burnt!

Remove from oven, serve with your chosen side dishes & grab a nice cold drink to go with your tasty vegan nachos!  Cheers!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Happy 26th Year to Me

This month marks 26 years that I have not eaten the flesh of another living creature.  Whatever it was that day, so long ago, that creeped from my subconsciousness to stop eating meat, I thank it.  While this collage shows only a few of the cute and cuddly revered animals in Canada, if you want to know what animals are used for food on the planet, just look in any encyclopedia A-Z.  All of them.
Even the beloved pet that you have with you now.

I have had the great debates that people like to have with vegans, the ridiculous questions, the what ifs, the whys.  I have even had the tasteless few sit across a table from me and exaggerate noises of pleasure while they eat their meat and taunt me how great it tastes.  I generally only feel pity for them at that.  What they fail to know about me is that I grew up on a farm where cows and chickens were killed, myself splitting open the chickens bodies to remove all of their guts after having dunked them into boiling water before removing their feathers.  They don't know that I have helped my uncle prepare wildlife skins for sale and have watched the death of beautiful cows in order to feed a family. All this before age 18.  So yes, I feel pity for the fool that sits across from me ooh-ing and aah-ing over the dead animal they are eating having never had to get their hands dirty.

I truly believe that if someone wants to eat meat, they should have to at least once catch, kill, clean, butcher and preserve one of each of the animals that they "can't live without".  Ditto goes to the people who tell me "I'm the biggest animal lover you will ever meet" as they order their burger.  No, you are not the biggest animal lover I will ever meet.

When you look down into the eyes of the animal you have chosen as your loving companion, realize that every animal possesses the same desire to be treated kindly and allowed to live out the time that has been given to experience play, life, love, affection and family.

To me one life is equal to the next.  I do not require the death of any creature, the orphaning of any babies, and the torture of endless numbers of living beings to carry on my own survival.
Compassion and knowledge is what will guide me through my days on this planet.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Healthy Easter!

It was lovely to have 6 hungry dinner guests to enjoy the vegan yumminess that is seen on the plate.

It is easy to become conditioned to eating a specific way when it comes to holiday dinners; the standard meat, potatoes, stuffing & such.

Even as a vegan, I have to constantly remind myself that there is a world of food to explore & I try to make new dishes as frequently as possible.

Getting out of your comfort zone to enjoy great health & new flavours is just a tiny way to taste the world & to treat your body to excellent nutrition!

Happy Easter!

Starting at the top centre  here are the recipes ...

Try them! You might love them!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Has everyone popped over to my Bubbles n' Binx page to see the cute 
little animals that are coming to life?  It was fun learning how to create 
little bunnies & fluffy chicks.

These were custom bunnies of Dennis Hopper, Angel Mambo, Deedee & 
Goldie Hawn that we did as a surprise for our very nice friend in Finland!  
(all created from ethically sourced wool from well loved sheep)

Super excited to make more animals & soon have a place to get back to our 
jewellery creations from Northern Jewell

There is a time & a place for all things creative. 
Except for my guitar....always is the time 
& anywhere is the place for music!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Springtime Sprouts!

Well, I had it in my mind tonight to make a yummy vegan grilled cheese & tomato sandwich, but my tomato had other ideas. Upon slicing, each segment revealed that the seeds had been sprouting inside.

I could hardly eat it when it so obviously wants to be a plant & not a sandwich slice! Pretty darn cool. First time I ever saw this.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tomato Onion Masala - Ish

Our lovely neighbour Phul hand wrote this recipe down for us one day & its been 
about 8 years since we have made it.  Not because it wasn't super duper yummy, 
but sadly the day we made it we developed the flu & well, you can imagine the rest of that story.  
We felt it was time to revisit the tasty, simple yumminess & we are happy to have 
a full belly as we share.

2 onions diced
4 garlic minced
3 tomatoes
2 green chilies
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp garam masala

2 cups red lentils
1 cup basmati rice

Cook the lentils as directed in one pot & prepare the basmati rice in another pot as directed.

In the meantime, sauté the onions in a pan with olive oil for 1-2 minutes, 
then add the garlic, tomatoes & spices.  Let simmer until it has the desired texture you love, 
some might like a little bite to their tomatoes & onions, some might prefer a real saucy sauce!  
When done cooking, mix the lentils into the sauce & use the sauce 
to put with your basmati rice.  
The only thing missing today was some nice roti or naan bread 
since we weren't 100% prepared!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Vegan Holiday Dinner

Most people would not likely try to make a new recipe at Christmas, never mind 80% of the meal & desserts!  I thought I wanted to try something new & treat the people I was hosting to something different.  After some research online, this is what I came up with.

Grandma's Stuffing!

I was pleasantly surprised, as were my guests, at how well everything turned out
using reasonably basic ingredients.  I have linked to the recipes that I used, although I did
find that half the amount of liquid smoke in the "cupcakes" would likely have been suitable.
The Aoili was magnificent & could be used as a dip for french fries, nachos, fingers...hee hee.

If for any reason these wonderful sites I have linked to decide to delete their recipes,
just contact me if you would like to know how to make these great vegan treats.

Happy 2015 everyone.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Vegan Butternut Squash Pumpkin Soup

1 small pumpkin
1 butternut squash
1 stalk celery, diced
1 onion, diced
2 carrots, diced
3-6 cloves garlic, minced
6 cups vegetable stock
oil for brushing squash/pumpkin before oven roasting
salt & pepper for seasoning squash/pumpkin before roasting & to taste

Preheat oven to 425C 
Cut squash/pumpkin in half & clean, then brush with oil & season...
wrap in foil & bake 40 mins 
with cut side placed down.
Saute remaining vegetables 
10 minutes in oil, then add 
squash, pumpkin & vegetable broth. 
*(Scoop squash & pumpkin from skins with spoon)
Bring to boil, reduce heat & 
simmer for 30 mins.
Use your handheld blender 
to blend smoothly
And ta da...really yummy soup!!
(Despite my horrible nickname for it of Buttpump Soup)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rethinking the Roll! Vegan Cabbage Casserole.

"Someone" in my house, who shall remain nameless, loves to bring home random vegetables that are on sale & usually come in a large quantity!  Of course its up to me to configure some dinner plan based on this item, with no other relatable items present in the kitchen!
This time the grand gesture was a rainbow package of sweet peppers.  Luckily I had been craving cabbage & thought hey, cabbage casserole!  The only twist this time would be ta da, QUINOA rather than rice.  So after adding a few more ingredients, a healthy casserole materialized, & along with some spicy Tofurkey Italian Sausages, was a lovely cold fall day vegan dinner!

After all was chopped, prepped, sauteed, steamed, layered & baked!  Here we are!  An amazingly healthy fall dinner packed with protein & vitamins! And, pretty darn tasty!  Give it a try!!

1 red, yellow & orange pepper, cubed
1 onion, diced
1 jalepeno pepper, minced
3 cloves garlic,  minced
12 mushrooms, chopped
1 zucchini, diced
2 cups of cooked quinoa

Saute in olive oil the onion & peppers, add the jalepeno & garlic after a few minutes.
Add in the mushrooms & zucchini (I added ground black pepper & some red pepper flakes)

While this is going on, you should have a lovely cabbage steaming to peel the leaves from & also 2 cups of quinoa puttering away in a pot!

This makes 2 casseroles so get your dishes, cut recipe in half if you want one, & put a little tomato sauce in the bottom of dish.  I then layer cabbage, tomato sauce & quinoa mix 3 or 4 times as dish height allows with a layer of tomato sauce on top
& bake on 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

The Tofurky Sausage is just cut on an angle & pan friend in a little olive oil until both sides are nicely browned!  Hope you will enjoy!!  A little tabasco on your personal plate is nice too!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At 4:03 Atlantic Standard Time on August 25th, the wee Binx passed from this world gently, sweetly & with love.  After having a day filled with watermelon, strawberries, dried strawberries & watermelon juice...PLUS his herb salad from his very own garden, he was content that everything had been taken care of & we had shared an enormous amount of touching, kissing & resting in the breeze.  He's happy that you all have felt some joy seeing his days unfold, his stories & well, his darn cute self enjoying a good life.  Officially 13 years, 6 months & 9 days.

He asked that you all be kind in life in the spirit of how he lived his. xo friends.

(Bun may have had a stroke or a seizure that left him laying on one side mostly since Friday morning.  Of course he still wanted his yummy salads but we thought maybe that was not so important now. We thank you for the love & support we know you have had & will continue to have for us. xo)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Youth In Asia

Bunbun here....a quick update!  We went to visit the loveliest Dr. Agius today & Mummy was obsessed with talking about "the youth in asia". Don't ask me what that meant...but all I know is I left with a brand new shirt!!  I have a wonky leg that I prefer to be lazy about & rest on my shoulder instead of use it...even though I have muscles in it & use it when I have to.  But sometimes I go flying around like a little drunk person. So, a trip to our favourite bunny doctor has given us some ideas to keep me rollin' down the road & enjoying many a more salads & love sessions....stay tuned!!

As you can see, we are doing well & awesome despite any wobbly legs.  
Enjoying every breath of fresh air & even on the road to our biggest adventure yet!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Little Inspiration....

Whoa!  Has it really been so long since we were here posting something cute or yummy??

Well we hope this makes up for our long absence.  Bunbun is thriving at an age of 13 years & 3 months and despite having a little wobble in his walk, he is doing well & loving life!  Getting ready for an 1800km drive too!  Oh my!

Happy Spring & Summer friends!! We have so much going on in our immediate future, we may not have time to post anything...but boy, when we do....things will have changed!!

Stay tuned & stay safe & happy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet Potato/Black Bean Burrito

This is my top 5 favourite thing ever!!!
5 cups of Sweet Potatoes
2 cans of Black Beans
1/2 cup of chopped Coriander
Juice of One Lemon
8-10 8" tortillas
3-4 cups of minced Onions
1 tsp of Ground Coriander
1 tsp of Ground Cumin
Salt - just for you!
Vegan Sour Cream

Ok, so peel & dice up your sweet potatoes & cook them until they are soft.  Once drained, mash the sweet potato, black beans, fresh coriander & lemon juice together in a large bowl.  Set this aside.
Turn your oven on to 350C now, must not waste hydro!
In a frying pan, cook the onions with the ground coriander & cumin until the onions are soft.  Once cooked, add the onion mixture into the mashed sweet potato mixture.  Have a taste now & add salt until it tastes how you personally like it.  Because shouldn't we all have exactly what we want??
Get out your tortillas & add 1/3 or so cup of mixture to the centre and roll it up!  This is something that only gets better with practice.  Lay your rolled up burritos onto an oiled pan with the seam side down.  Once you have all your burritos finished cover the entire pan/tray/cookie sheet/ with aluminum foil.  Put them into the oven for 30 minutes.  I prefer to turn them after 20 minutes so that there is a nice toasty tortilla on both sides.  When finished cooking, add some yummy salsa & vegan sour cream to the top & enjoy. 
*A recent mutation took place where I had some leftover filling & leftover brown rice, so I mixed it up & fried it!  May work well in the burritos with the rice too!

Monday, March 10, 2014

To Pet Valu - Are Rabbits Pets or Pet Food? You can not have both!!

(Letter sent to Pet Valu)


To whom it may concern (if it will concern anyone at all)

I went into one of your Pet Valu stores today to pick up an item for my rabbit.  My domesticated, part of the family, “pet” rabbit.  You sell various items ranging from food, hay, toys, litter, litter boxes and treats for these animals so I get the impression that 
Pet Valu considers rabbits to be a domesticated animal that is part of a home as a 
pet/companion animal equal to dog or cat.

Upon reaching the checkout I looked around at the various “add-on” items that are placed for last minute sales.  I was thoroughly appalled, and confused, to see that right there, where I was about to lay down my money, a product called “Hare of the Dog”.  Otherwise knows as rabbit jerky...for dogs.  Touting on the label “thanks for supporting the American rabbit industry” on top of it.

I’m not sure your store grasps the magnitude of rabbit owners that are customers of 
Pet Valu.  We are many and we shop with great love for our chosen companion animal.  A rabbit.  I would imagine that the great thinkers within your purchasing department would immediately have an issue, and a real uphill climb, trying to market dog meat for cats and cat meat for dogs.  Why do you feel it is appropriate and conscientious to sell rabbit meat for dogs?

You sell a good portion of your store to rabbit owners.  Deemed a pet/companion animal by your organization you profit on the various items that go with living with, and loving, this increasingly desired animal companion.  I will add also that many rabbit owners are multiple pet owners where there are dog, cat AND rabbit are all living nicely together.

I am disgusted by the ignorance that your company has shown in the selling, and profiting, of one domestic animal to feed another.  It is morbid.  I will not shop in your stores again and be advised, an army of bunny lovers are a very powerful consumer group. I plan to share this letter with as many who will spread the word.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yup! 13 Years Old Today!

Such an outstanding little cutie.  I'm happy & grateful that this little guy has lived such 
a long life with good health, happy travels, & loving friends. 

We'll be lovin' each other up & no doubt there will be healthy, yummy snacks! 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Birthday Presents!

The most lovely belated birthday gift from a very talented 16 year old sweetheart!

Thank you for this wonderful picture of Bunbun.  We will cherish it!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love for Mr Binx

Another birthday for my wee sweet bunny.  Bunbun turns 12 years & 11 months today!
On his way to 13!! Love this picture of him sitting by the lake in the sun enjoying life.

A Rebel's Home Companion

Let us be introduced to our own true nature. 
It may be surprising & startling to 
realize just how magnificent we are. Let us 
be restored to a way of being that makes 
sense of our existence on earth. Let us be 
re-introduced to living as part of a 
meaningful & purposeful Whole, which 
has given freely of Itself, and which we are 
encouraged to reflect in our lives daily
*taken from introduction of book
A Rebel's Home Companion

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Healthy New Year!

Wow, it's been a while since I shared anything yummy!  This lovely hot muffin was a creation made all by this wacky girl today!!  When you are out of what the recipe calls for, like all of it, you make up a new one!! 

Mash 5 over ripe bananas, I freeze old ones and use them for this
In same bowl add 4 "eggs" - egg replacer of your choice & mix together

In another bowl, add 1 cup of oil, half a cup of almond milk & 1 1/2 cup of brown sugar & mix together

In yet another  add 2 cups of spelt flour, 1 cup of quinoa flakes & half a cup of hemp seeds with 2 tbsp of baking powder, 1 tsp of baking soda.

Mix all three bowls together, add chopped walnuts or whatever you like, raisins, pecans...anything!!  Bake at 375C for 25 minutes & enjoy!!

On a side note, this girl has a new hobby....Needle Felting.  While is may seem odd for a vegan to be using wool after 23 years of never using an animal product or bi-priduct, I have found that there are ethical ways to use wool from people who care & I feel so privileged that these lovely creatures are allowing me to use their wool for my own pleasure. I  respect that immensely.  If you'd like to come by to have a peek ... Bubbles n' Binx

So far so good, each tall one is about 7" tall & took about 4 hours each.  All by poking, poking, poking with a needle. Very therapeutic.  Wool was purchased in New Brunswick Canada, in person, on a farm where the animals are loved, never sold or eaten, and allowed to live out their natural lives in harmony with the lands, fellow critters & the humans who love them.  These are the types of places I will only look at in the future for felting supplies.  

Hope your year has had a great start & that you are all happy, healthy & well loved yourselves!!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Pre-Xmas Bunny Love

How I love this dear sweet wee bunny of mine.  Turning 13 in February he is the sweetest little old fart you could ever love.  Still full of life & wonderment, Bunbun enjoys days full of wonderful snax, plentiful love & ever changing environments to explore.  

We hope you all are happy & warm & having a great time in life.  Have an excellent holiday season; we may or may not be around but we will surely be making cool vegan treats & loving up everyone who crosses our path. xoxo

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Happy December!! Holidays are here!!

Look at all that swag!  My tiny wee sweet Bunbun won 4th place in a competition showing him enjoying his favourite toy.... a piece of paper towel nonetheless!! 

We are super busy doing major renovations, picking new floors that look like old floors, and trying to find time for all the things we love in between!  Sometimes you find things you didn't know you had when you just turn everything upside down!!

Happy December to you all & we hope you have a safe, stress-free holiday season full of love.  We all deserve that.  

Check out the amazing gifts that we received from our most loveable pals from Finland, Dennis Hopper, DeeDee & Mambo...and well yes, I guess Kaija must have licked the stamp! Hee Hee.  Thank you so much for this!!  We are enjoying our far away friendship & look forward to meeting you one day!

No doubt a tiny blog about some new holiday vegan treats will follow at some point but if we get too tied up with the holiday....thanks for another year of love & visits & super kind emails.  We appreciate every one!  We've been seen in 38 countries nearly 8000 times! Wow! Not bad for a silly little vegan guitar playing bunny blog!  Mummy hopes to put more guitar stuff on her YT channel next year too since she will be in a more relaxed happy place both in mind & body!  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bunny Birthday Nuzzles

The wee Bunbun had another birthday yesterday...12 years & 9 months.  What a bunny!

We took some time on Friday to have nice hop around in the November sunshine...yes, that is me in my parka, outside my igloo...and then a rare pleasure of nearly an hour long nap with Mr Binx on my chest.  We love when that happens.

We hope everyone is happy & healthy doing all the things they love.  We miss our people who are not with us anymore & the holidays always remind us of them. We have to smile & think of all the nice memories & keep making new ones.

Happy day friends...xoxo

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Am the Pumpkin King

Bunbun is getting ready to carve his wee pumpkin today, but Mummy thought it was time for a fall photo session! Happy Autumn & Halloweentime!!! Gonna love eatin' this pumpkin!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Red Lentil Love

For all you girls who keep eating all my soup!! Hee Hee.  I live on this at least one day a week & well, I think I need to throw some on the stove right now!! :)

1 medium Vidalia Onion finely diced
3 medium Carrots finely sliced
1 cup Red Lentils
4 cups of Water

I like to put the veggies in my chopper & mince very fine...equals shorter cooking time & no hard bits due to uneven slicing/dicing.

Place these 4 ingredients into a large stock pot & bring to a boil.  Being attacked by yellow foam WILL occur, so please after you bring to a boil reduce the heat & keep the foam monster from messing up your stove top.  Cook until all veggies are completely tender; even falling apart on their own.  I do housework while this goes hour is plenty.

1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Cumin Seed

In a small fry pan, heat up the oil until it is hot & add the cumin seeds.  Fry them until they are a nice brown colour...just before they burn. Then add to the soup pot....careful as you are adding oil to water & it will splash a little..take your time.  Grab your super duper zippy stick blender & puree the hell out of it all!!  You can add as much salt as you like while cooking or at the end. Up to you.

Double or triple the ingredients for more yummy soup....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Farewell Summer 2013

 With nearly 4000km under our tiny belts this summer, Bunbun & I hope you all had an equally as lovely summer doing things that you love & getting as much fresh air as you possibly could!
Bunbun loved his sunny days, yummy fresh garden picked food & wonderful Acadian music by the light of the campfire each night!  Of course afternoon naps with his wee nose in the sun was most relaxing while Mummy admired him from the porch swing.
With "merely" (hee hee) 12lbs of glass collected these were the ones that we loved the most & are not as common.  The brown bottle that we actually already owned, from 1936, was lucky to find a small piece of one of it's fellow bottles fresh out of the Atlantic!! Where had it been churning around all these years; one can only imagine.  Pinks & blues, & all shades of green were wonderful discoveries but of course I did a superb happy dance on the beach having spied the wee orange one that several people had passed by that day.  It has a small asterisk carved into it & one can only imagine what it once was & how it came to be in the ocean.  A winter of jewellery making for this girl along with a new craft project that perhaps I will share soon!!

Happy Autumn friends!! As life continues we hope to share more adventures of a new season full of colour & cool air that makes us a little silly! Be well & be happy!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bunbun's First Tooth Trimming! Yikes!

For nearly a week my darlin' bunny decided he didn't want to eat his salads & was just not himself.  The drooling had stopped enough to let his fur grow back in but then BAM; drool machine.  We made a great decision & headed to our wonderful bunny vet.

A little gas to make the entire thing more manageable for my wee Binx.
 The exam showed that poor Bunbun's back left teeth had grown & were sticking into his cheek & his cheek was very swollen & he was perpetually biting it.  Poor dear.  I know when it happens to me, the swollen cheek part, it is awful.
 Oddly, having just turned 12 years & 5 months old, this was the first time Bunbun has had to have teeth trimmed.  We hope that this will allow him to eat & maybe even sample some hay; he has refused hay since November 2011!  We need to keep those teeth ground down & good health on the menu.  His little teeth are a bit loose (to go with 2 that were missing already) so we will do our best.
Since this whole ordeal, I have not seen my sweet bun sleep very much, dashing about at night, having little bun naps but no real super duper rest.  I decided to leave him alone for a while & came back in the room & found this!  CRASHED OUT! hee hee.

Side note....Bunbun weighed in at 3.3 lbs on this visit...let's see if we can fatten him up now!

Don't be shy to ask us any bunny questions, or vegan ones!! Have a great day!
These are the nasty little tooth bits that were making my wee bun so unhappy & unhealthy. So weird for first time in life this to happen at his age.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lovely Bones

The sweetest use of my Grandmother Alice's mothers bowl. She gave this to me years ago & I believe it is from about 1918.  Much nicer use than sitting just on the shelf unused. FYI this peony is about as big as my face.
It's such a hard thing to lose people in your life that you truly love.

Too many have left my life in the last few years due to unnaturally early deaths & illness.  Little things that remain to make you smile, make you honour those loves & friendships & make you remember the best of times spent with those very special people are priceless. They can even help you to not give up when you doubt that this world is a place that is worth remaining in.

Happy Summer friends. From a weary bunny mum today. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bunny Saliva Burn

While most people find it slightly amusing when they see a cat or dog drool, it can mean something quite serious for our little rabbit friends.  While drooling can signal dental issues, or health problems, it can also do an enormous amount of damage to wee furry chins & chests & even down to the toes!  It has been unclear what is causing Bunbun to drool; perhaps being 12 years & 4 months old just brings drool along with it. Officially called Saliva Burn, you can see what can happen to a wee bunny just from drooling.
 This picture is taken just before a gentle cleaning, I won't call it a bath, & some loving blowdrying.  By just taking a washcloth, a soft one, & kind of soaking & pinching the fur you can clean your bunny without the stress of a full blown "dunk".  Since Bunbun has been using piddle pads, he has twice now dyed his little face blue by putting he wet face onto the border or the pads!  Always a joy!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bean Burger Time!

After a long hard day of doing what Canadians do on a long weekend, some yummy burgers were just the treat!  As requested, here is some instructions on how to make them!

Heat oven to 450° & place 1 or 2 sweet potatoes unwrapped for 50 minutes.  I usually make more because you know who (Bunbun) enjoys them also.

While they are cooking you can prep the rest of the ingredients & enjoy a cold drink. :)

I used 1 can of chick peas & 1 can of white kidney beans.  Rather than use a fork, I dig in with my hands & squeeze those babies to pieces! Or, you can mash with a fork.

1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast flakes1 tablespoon, or so, of Chipotle Mango seasoning, cayenne for you & salt to taste are all added with the sweet potato once cooked; I used about 6 cups of sweet potato, & blended together.

For this next part, I enjoy the rubber gloves!  Use a quarter measuring cup to scoop some of the mixture & shape a patty that is 1/4 inch thick; any thicker & you will have a mushy in middle burger.  Once shaped, lay it on a plate that has plenty of spelt bread crumbs & coat the patty on all sides.  Gently set on a cookie sheet or plate. Whatever will accomodate the amount you are making. Then on Medium/High heat, use grapeseed oil to pan fry the patties until you are pleased with the "doneness" of them.

These were served on toasted thin buns with dijon mustard, sweet red onion, tender avocado & crisp romaine lettuce. Turns out grapeseed oil makes a decent pomme frite as well!

Based on the recipe from

Monday, May 06, 2013

Official Bunny Slave

Bunbun inspecting his very own load of laundry.  Such a stickler for how they are folded!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bunny Bladder Health

While gradually trying not to embarrass my poor sweet Bunbun, we would hope that fellow bunny lovers would find this post helpful & useful.  Since November of 2012 Mr Binx has had some progressive pee pee troubles.  Where he was allowed full reign of the house & beds, he gradually started to pee on the bed; we thought it was an emotional issue but turned out it was not.  While relaxed Mr Binx could let it flow, but only gently dribble when the urge to go was his decision.  Easy fix was ramp to bed removed & at first, paper towels & sham wows in the night time spot of choice.  We show you Bunbun enjoying a nice day out at the beginning of April when it was actually sunny in Ontario before getting to the matter at hand.  Puppy training pads are our new best friend!

On top of piddle troubles, we have also been dealing with some drooling issues.  While we have not been for a second dental exam we decided it prudent to trim the fur on Bunbun's chin to alleviate his need to be bathed & blowdried daily.  It takes about a million hours to blowdry a wee buns chin!!  Mummy has been doing her best but this is a better solution.

Now for the real detailed issue & may my dear sweet Bunbun forgive me for any shame this may cause!  Every day we have been bathing toesies & unmentionables in order to prevent urine scald.  Urine scald occurs when a rabbits urine is sitting on their skin for too much of a length of time & can cause a bad burn to their much delicate skin.  Up until a few days ago, we had not had problems with the fur around Bunbun's pee pee being too unmanageable.  Today though, Mummy cried as after my bath she could see that she needed some loving help from Bun's favourite girl Dr. Kristin Agius.  With a lickety split of some well sharpened clippers & steady loving hands...well..Mr Binx went to the spa.  As you can see from the urine soaked fur picture...he has been totally exposed.  This is a good thing as you can see on the top portion of the outer part of his pee pee, the skin was indeed being scalded by this horrible state of pee peedom.  Cleaned, shaved & lovingly treated with Aloe Vera we saw improvements in happiness right away!

Bunbun was a trooper & not only endured the Bunny Brazilian but also a needle into his bladder to extract the more clear urine & then a nasty catheter in his poor pee pee that when removed relaeased this pale tea coloured urine.  Off it goes to the lab where we will learn more about what has been causing Bunbun to only dribble when he wishes to but release a full bladder when he is resting.

As you can see, Bunbun survived the ordeal marvellously & not only had licky licky kisses for me but ALSO for the lovely Dr Agius!  It took Mummy 11 years to get licky kisses!!  We are grateful for her patience & knowledge, despite being allergic to sweet wee buns & hope she has a dreamy, lovely special wedding day coming up!  We know she will look like a princess in her wedding dress!

Anyhow, results from the lab to follow & if we can share anything helpful; we will!

Love & nose bonks bunny lovers!