Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bunny Gone Wild

Do you ever feel this way??
I do.
Right now!
Sharing makes me feel so much better!
I suspect this pic may re-emerge from time to time though!


Laloofah said...

LOL... This is how I picture the Easter Bunny on the day before Easter! (And I had no idea Munch had painted a bunny version of The Scream. Too funny!) And yes, I can relate to it a lot this week, so thanks for the comic relief! :-)

Vegan Wheekers said...

LOL!! Perfect way to end the work week, methinks!

Hope a more serene painting will depict your weekend. :-)

Izzy said...

VW, You made me laugh!!
Going nature hopping north for the weekend so I think smiles are on the menu!!