Monday, March 01, 2010

Thanks Canada

Well, I know that I had a helluva good time!!  

I hope that the watching world enjoyed the Olympic Games 
hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia 
as much as we loved watching them at home.  
I've always had a feeling since I was a kid 
that I lived in a place that was special & as the 
years go by, I'm amazed, & grateful to 
what this country has to offer.  Put aside the general 
polite demeanour of the Canadian people that 
is so spoken about around the world, & focus purely 
on a land that has breathtaking beauty that stretches 
nearly 8000km from coast to coast. 
 I've been fortunate to drive this great country from 
coast to coast,  hop on a ferry & see the islands of each coast, 
& the land is a thing of beauty.  

Canada truly has it all.
Come see us!!

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