Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yes, Hallo.  Not Hello.  My friends at VeganWheekers told
me that Hallo was a much nicer greeting than any word
that began with Hell! LOL  I hope it will not be minded too
much if I adopt this kind greeting!  Lot's to post but currently
away from all my gear!  I hope you'll check back for some more
yummy foods & of course the great adventures of Sir Bunbun. 
Sitting here on a lovely cool, overcast day, watching
the lake roll in front of me, a lovely grey heron
just breeze by & sipping on a nice cold beer,
I'm hoping my blog buddies are finding a moment,
at least, in their day that brings a
warm smile to their face & their heart.

1 comment:

Vegan Wheekers said...

Hallo Izzy! You made me smile with this post! :-D I'm glad you like the greeting.

A warm hallo to Mr. BunBun today! :-)