Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy Arms

I had a really abstract thought today….I'm very happy to have arms.  
What prompted this?  Watching a little critter eat with only the option 
to put it's face to the ground & bite.  I've often thought about that 
with Bunbun…that's why I buy him shredded carrots; easy to pick 
up, & lots of leafy, spriggy type greens.

Seriously though, what great things arms can do.  
They can offer a hug, they can hold someone or something you 
love, carry things that you need, carry a friend in need, pick up 
a child, or a furbaby, loop through the arm of another to feel 
connected, wave up in the air to express joy & freedom.  
I had to stop on that word, freedom.  
How wonderful it is to feel free & happy in a world 
that is a wee off kilter of late.  

I think it's easy to get tangled up in feeling unhappy, or stressed 
with our lives & we'd all be a little better off if at least once a day, 
when the moment was right, we said out loud 
"I Love My Life".  
And of course the other thing…tell someone that means something 
to you that you love and/or appreciate them in your life.

Ok, I swear…I only had sugar today!! LOL
And of course arms are great for guitar playing!

1 comment:

Vegan Wheekers said...

Hi Izzy!

Great reminder to give thanks for all our blessings every day. Arms also let us type and "reach out" across the world to make new friends through the internet! :-)

Have a fabulous day!