Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything is Peachy

Isn't it wonderful that you can take a lovely piece of fruit
that is about as delicious as it comes to begin with
& with a little bit of sugar & flour, & love of course,
turn it into a tasty piece of peach treat that melts
in your mouth??

I admit that I cheated in this particular recipe by using a
white cake mix from, gulp, a box.  I've yet to find the perfect
white cake recipe that can soak up all the sweet peachy, 
brown sugar goodness that drips from this cake.

1/4 cup of margarine
1/2 cup of brown sugar
3-5 peaches
white cake - mix or from scratch

Melt the margarine & brown sugar, then divide
between two 8inch cake pans.  You can blanch your
peaches to make the removal of the fuzzy skin a
little easier or just peel them.  
Slice the peaches & lay them in a spiral pattern 
on top of the margarine/sugar mixture.
Gently pour your white cake batter over the
peaches, equally between the 2 pans.
Use time & temperature according to 
your cake recipe.

Pop it in the oven, get ready to smell the
most heavenly smell.  Vanilla ice cream is a must.
This is amazing for me - Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I love this statue.  
She watches for the sailors to return home safely.

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Laloofah said...

She's a wonderful statue! (And she looks very intent and focussed on her important responsibility!)