Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a Difference....

There is a saying, "What a difference a day makes."
Well isn't that just the real truth.  In a matter of a few hours
you can change your entire outlook by just hopping in the car
& moving yourself to a different location.  In only a few hours
I find myself in a land of a different language, a different, slower, more relaxed way of life, surrounded by trees, the ocean, wild animals, & the best of Acadian life & music.  Cutting wood, watching deer eat our apples, rescuing baby hummingbirds who are only just learning to manouvre their surroundings, dipping into the Ocean while watching seabirds & herons, catching baby lobsters & fish with my bare hands....returning them to the sea of course after a thorough inspection.  Ahhhh, such a life.  Feeling the warm sun on my skin & yes, I'm a weirdo, licking the salt from the sea off my arm while pondering life. LOL  A life that is beautiful, full of wonders, full of music, & full of love. 
Today is a happy day.
xo SP

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Jeff said...

pro-happy days! ;o)