Sunday, September 05, 2010

A New Love...

It is funny you know, you may never know that 
you love something 
unless it has been put in front of you 
& you are given a chance 
to experience it.
From the first piece of glass until the last, 
finding sea glass was very exciting, & addicting.  
Whether it was a wee tiny speck of green 
sticking out from the sand or the massive mussel shell 
size white glass that I picked up, it was all like 
finding hidden treasure from the sea goddesses.  
I am further convinced of this by the wonderful piece 
of brown glass that  was so elegantly presented
 to me in half a mussel shell.  
I hope I can do it equally a lovely justice 
when I make it into a piece of jewellery.  
I know I will never walk on a beach, 
or near water for that matter, 
in the same way again.  
My eyes will always be looking for those 
little shards of colour that are so apparently out of place.
White, Green, Aqua, Olive, Brown & 1 special piece of Pink Glass.
6 pounds in 6
Check the tide?


CreationsByRobin said...

Wow... I am so very jealous of all those beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing : )

Laloofah said...

I have become a sea glass junkie since our trip to Maine. I didn't find any while there (though I did find some great rocks!), but had such fun beachcombing for it, and fell in love with a book about seaglass in a local bookstore. It was too expensive and heavy to bring home on the plane, but BW is going to get it for me for Christmas from Amazon. :-) You made a really impressive haul!! Why didn't I care about sea glass when I lived just miles from the beach?! Sheesh.