Friday, October 08, 2010

Ancient Grain - Quinoa

As a vegan, this is a dream superfood.  
Having all the amino acids that make up a full protein, high in 
magnesium, calcium & iron, how can it be ignored!

I like to chop up broccoli, carrot, red pepper, mushroom, 
zucchini, garlic & a about an inch of fresh ginger 
to mix with 2 cups of quinoa.  You can use this as a substitute 
for rice, couscous or potatoes with a main course or 
as an alternative to oatmeal for breakfast.
Super healthy & easy to cook. 

Go ahead....try something is short!!

Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends!!


Laloofah said...

Hey, Izzy!

I am a HUGE fan of quinoa! We buy the red quinoa in bulk. This time of year I mostly make wonderful red lentil and quinoa cutlets with it, in summer I make a lovely quinoa salad with it (or just dump some on top of tossed salads), and any time of year I make black bean and quinoa burgers. I have all three recipes on my blog (or the links to them, at least), but am too lazy to go looking for them right now. :-) Anyway, your quinoa concoction sounds great too! Very simple and healthy and tasty, what more could one want?

I also love the photo on your post. Did you take it?

AND, I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Izzy said...

Thanks Laloo! And yes indeed I take all of my food photos. I love that part of it almost as much as making the dishes. xo I'll take a look at yours & give 'em a whirl! Being fond of whirling 'n all!!

Laloofah said...

Hi, Izzy!
I'd just assumed you'd taken the photo of the quinoa dish... I meant the Autumn scene photo! They are both tantalizing. :-)