Friday, November 26, 2010

Clean & Kissable

Ok, today there is no food, no poems, no strange items that I found in a box; just a plain endorsement of a couple of things that I like.  For those of you who have explored the sidebar in my blog, you will have found yourself at Crazy Rumors, usually 2 words that I want nothing to do with.  Well okay, crazy is in my daily life, but rumours, not so much.  
This is the best lip treat you can find as a vegan.  I'm partial to the Brew Orange/Bergamot & as of today (delivery arrived yay) the Plum/Apricot lip balm aka Leaping Bunny, & my oh my, the HibisKiss Lip Colour in Pearl.  Yummy.  

Product #2 today, which amazes me every time I try it on a new surface. Attitude is an amazing eco friendly cleaner, which happens to smell like lavender, & man, does it take the crap off anything!  And the best bonus of all????? Made in Canada!!  

On a side note, I heard yesterday that we will be getting 3 times the amount of snow as last winter here in Ontario, ahhhhh!  Having a good pair of boots makes all the difference & luckily I found a great vegan boot, also Made in Canada here Pajar  These are one of my most favourite things that I own.  Put 'em on & you are ready to kick some snowman ass!! LOL  Have a great day people.

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Vegan Wheekers said...

I love Crazy Rumors lip balm! I use the A La Mode Orange Creamsicle flavor. So yum. :-)