Monday, November 15, 2010

Made In Canada, Eh

Some folks think that I am a little too preoccupied with things
that are made in Canada.  I do not think this! 

Although passed on over 20 years ago, some of my grandfathers, 
Percy, belongings are still with my grandmother.
I received a lovely box full of a mix of his tools & such, the box 
being a lovely wooden box that housed dynamite which was used 
as part of his job putting in the original hydro lines that run through 
northern Ontario.
The part that thrilled me the most was this old paint brush,
which after looking at for a long time came back in many memories.  
Once upon a time things were actually
Made in Canada.

These 3 wonderful words were on many things & never would
it have been dreamt that a time would come that you would have to
scour the countryside to find them.  
Even Canadian companies, like Roots, for example, 
only have a tiny section of their clothing that is actually
made in our own country. 

I liked it when the world was a smaller place,
foreign places held mystery, you had to wait until 6 o'clock to hear 
the news, families ate dinner at the dinner table & if you needed to 
make a phone call you had to walk to the corner, open a door, 
step inside & drop a quarter in the phone booth. 

The thing that I am happiest about the most that was
"Made in Canada"
is me!

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