Friday, May 06, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Since I can't literally share my lunch with you, I thought I'd at least share a pic of my tasty wrap. 

Usually I do not think twice when someone asks me "what does a vegan eat" & I do a quick rundown of the foods that I enjoy cooking & eating, but never have I felt more living up to the "hippie granola muncher" reputation as when I describe this wrap to someone. 

I just can't help it; I love it!  But let's face it, it is pretty "earthy". 

Cube up some tomato & mix it with a smashed avocado, a splash of fresh lemon juice & some salt. Get a whole wheat wrap & lay some vegan mozzarella down on it, add a little swipe of vegan mayo if you like, then add your avocado/tomato mix.  My favourite part, snip some pea sprouts from your pea plant, or wherever you must get them, & lay them on top of it.  

Wrap it up, pop it in your mouth & chew each bite 36 times!

Hope you like it!

On a side note.....if you know me, you know I love Canada.  
This is a MUST see!! Journey to the Edge of the World

If you have to beg, borrow or steal, you must watch this wonderful look at some of the most beautiful & remote places of my country.  

Yes, it's mine.  I own it! 

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ZooMomma said...

It's a Mozza-Guacamole wrap with Peas Shoots! YUM!