Monday, June 27, 2011

Whip It ... Real Good!!

Since Summer is upon us an fresh berries are abound...I thought I would try a new product.  I had given up on finding a "whipped cream" that had the texture & taste of one that I had known in a previous life, but was so pleasantly surprised with MimicCreme's Healthy Top.  

"Healthy Top is the first totally Non-Dairy, Non-Soy, shelf stable Whipping Cream"  Shelf stable is the big sell on this for me.  To be able to keep it in the pantry until you need it...whatever side up, not like some that you have to store very specifically, makes this dessert item an easy food staple to store.  

In one of my previous recipes for Frozen Raspberry Cheesecake, I had swapped out the whipped cream that was originally in the recipe & used Tofutti Vanilla Ice Cream; since it was a frozen recipe.  I am looking forward to trying Healthy Top in this recipe to once again bring the yummy raspberry V. cheesecake filling back to its deservedly fluffy self!!

Anyhow, that's my review!  I wish you a happy summer.....this is likely my last post until the fall.  

Thanks for popping by!

An honourable mention goes to Soyatoo for providing a yummy alternative made from rice & for allowing me to stick the nozzle of the can in my mouth & spray!!  It had been years!! Hee Hee

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