Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bun Wow!

Yes, you've all seen it.  The insane middle of the night commercials pitching the Sham Wow from a guy who looks & sounds like he's had about 20 cups of coffee before he went on air.  

I have nothing to say about the cleaning benefit of this "as seen on tv" item, but boy can I testify to the bunny lovingness of it.  While looking for a soft alternative for Bunbun on a 18 hour drive, I decided to put recycled newspaper pellets underneath the legendary shamwow....now always to by known in my home by the BunWow!  Since Bun getting an eye tumour & thoughtful consideration to be given to a wee bun with declining vision, this was the solution that was arrived at.  No sharp hay poking in nearly blind eyes, no powdery dust to tear up already sensitive eyes.

Not only did Bunbun enjoy standing, sitting & laying on the coziness of the wow....it was an easy item to handwash or machine wash for all those other unexpected treats that occur when, lets face it, most of us, travel days in a vehicle.

On a side note, as I typed this post I had to fight off Bun with one hand from stealing the lettuce out of my sandwich!  Oh, the life of a wee spoiled bun.

For those of you who appreciate my bunny posts...thanks for reading....for others...what brought you here!!  I'm still waiting for questions from the audience!! Anonymously or not!


Barbara said...

What a gorgeous bunny! I lost my house rabbit Ben in October to a suspected tumour on his shoulder, he had poor vision too and was very old (about 11 we think). I love the idea of you fighting off the lettuce-thieving rabbit :O)

Izzy said...

Thanks Barbara...I am so sorry to hear about Ben. No doubt still a fresh pain. Bun has a tumour in his left shoulder as well but it is not attached to any muscle & was determined to not be affecting him. Since the medication started, I hope he is free of all things that make anything uncomfy for him. We do our best & provide lots of love to each other.