Monday, January 02, 2012

Bunny Success! Viewer Discretion

Earlier in the year Bunbun had shown some tenderness on his brow bone while he was getting his daily face lovin'. After examination by the lovely Dr. Agius, it turned out that there was a tumour (ocular melanoma) in his eye.  It did not make the eye bulge out but was more like a curtain coming down from the top corner of his eye.  A cataract then developed which was like a shiny gold coin had been placed in the back of his eye.  It was quite the thing to see.  We were on dutiful bunny eye watch daily for changes, administering Metacam for any possible pain that Bun was experiencing.

We noticed against that shiny gold in the back of Bunbun's eye that a tiny blood vessel had broken, so off to the vet's office for an opinion.  Dr. Cameron had a look at Bun's eye & had the paperwork sent nearly before we had left the office to see the Bunny Opthamologist the very next day!  At that point we thought we'd try some drops before going to surgery.  After 2 weeks, the eye bleed did not improve despite giving Pred Mild drops to try and reduce the pressure in the blood vessels.

So, it was time to freak out a little & make the decision to remove the eye.  Upon returning back from holidays, Dr. Klys didn't think twice about doing the surgery that morning after finding us waiting in the office.  We appreciated it more than you can imagine.  Dr. Klys made us comfortable & even happy to have the surgery after many tears & much worry.  
The wonderful Dr. Klys who loves bunnies as much as I do!

Less than 2 hours after beginning his surgery, Bunbun was up & ready to get back to some munching.  You can see in the above photo & video below that Bun was doing great!
4 days later Sir Bunbun is doing great.  Healing, napping, munching & getting lots of love.  He is a trooper & no doubt has more adventure ahead of him!
 My sweet bunny healing up nicely.  Soon his brown fur will be back looking handsome as ever.
These are the tools of any good bunny recovery!
Kale, carrots & tops, banana, pb & toast, some canned pumpkin & Oxbow Critical Care recovery food for Herbivores.

We invite any questions that you have about our experience.  The world is short on good bunny info!!

Happy New Year!


Little Lamb said...

So glad to hear he is doing well!

Jenn Jilks said...

Good nursing, momma! Bunny is well-looked after!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Vegan Wheekers said...

So glad to hear BunBun is doing well. I hope I could be as good a bunny mom as you. *hugs*

Izzy said...

Thanks everyone. I try. I know Benny has got himself a great mummy too!!!

Alex and Arthur said...

I'm glad your bunny is doing okay! I came upon your blog while I was googling Dr. Klys. I've never met him but he performed my Frenchie's grid keratotomy this morning.