Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The last chapter in Sir Bunbun's eye adventure - getting out his tiny little stitches!  He reminds me of a little stuffed bunny that is coming undone in this first picture!
The most gentle Melissa McPhee, clearly another bunny lover, was so great to see Bunbun on short notice; putting the final touches on Bun's eye surgery ordeal.  The stitches came out easily & cleanly despite being about a week later than they could have come out.  GI Stasis kept Mr Binx close to the litter box, ahem, so we didn't travel to further stress his little system.  Great news too, he is up nearly half a pound after a kinda dramatic 3/4 pound loss before the surgery.  When you're just 4 pounds to start with that is a big deal.
Thanks to all who have followed my wee guy's big eye ordeal.  We appreciate the care, warm thoughts & comments & as always, welcome any questions that further the good care of bunnies!

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