Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rabbit Eye Health

I thought I would share exactly what had happened to Sir Bunbun's eye for those of you with bunnies in need of eye information.  As you can see, above the yellow line the eye was slowly being shaded by a dark tumour that luckily did not bulge but in 6 months had come to cover 1/3 of the eye.  The 2nd thing to occur was a golden cataract at the back of the eye that was very obvious.  With the cataract making the eye brighter inside, the ruptured blood vessel was instantly visible.  Lastly, the eye began to fill up with blood starting from the bottom of the eye, despite Pred Mild being administered in order to reduce the pressure in the blood vessels.

This is Bunbun only 2 weeks after having his eye removed (enucleation).  He has adjusted beautifully, is running around, very affectionate & most peculiarly seems to have a great awareness of the left side of his head.  It is like he's looking at you with his little furry side!  All is well.

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