Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny Assistance

While there are lots of interesting ramps & stairs for geriatric dogs & cats, I found it difficult to locate a suitable option for my wee Bunbun.

Even though the bed is quite low, Bun is about 100 years old in bunny years.  Not that that slows him down in the least.  However, since he had his eye removed I felt that he could use all the assistance he could get when jumping off the bed.  I had horrible visions of his little front legs snapping because of misjudgement with his new visual outlook.

In the 7 weeks since I made this ramp, Sir Bunbun has chosen to use it rather than jump.  I swear, I was like a proud mummy when he walked up & down it for the first time; a wee tear I admit.  It's so nice when you think an animal could use something & lo', yes they could!!  He has an excellent grasp of it now & boots up & down for treats & of course it is now an easy stroll to rabbit heaven for hours of petting!

Basically it was a carpet from the dollar store that I cut to fit a piece of 1/4 inch board that I had in the garage.  6 appropriate sized screws secure the carpet to the board & 3 hook screws in the end hook it over the metal bed frame.  Yes, the green tape is not pretty but bunnies chew loose ends of ANYTHING!!!  Perhaps a BunRamp Reboot is in order!  Not bad for a first try though!

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