Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bathroom Tip!

Ok, so I'm sure all of you have managed the art of using the bathroom at this point, but I just had to share this marvellous tip that I have been groovin' on.  I am NO fan of air fresheners & have been using Lavender Oil, a few drops, mixed with water in a spray bottle when I want some lovely scent in my home.  It's smells wonderful & keeps me super relaxed!

Now, I think we all like the bathroom to smell fresh rather than, er, em ....well, you know.  If you take a few drops of Lavender Oil, or whichever scent you prefer, & drop it on the INSIDE of the toilet paper tube, on the cardboard, you will have an amazingly fresh bathroom that each time someone uses paper will be further fanned into the air.  Huh!


Dolores said...

Thanks for the tip.

22178 said...

I do this but with patrollie oil :).. think thats how its spelled