Monday, October 22, 2012

Rabbit Teeth

Bunbun enjoyed a lovely time in the sun on the weekend before his vet appointment..testing out a tiny scarf!
 Mr Binx had been having some tooth issues for a couple of weeks; loud grinding & crunching & not seeming to be himself.  He had a weeks treatment of antibiotic because of blood in his urine, & is back on the Metacam to treat any underlying pain that may be associated with, well, anything!

So off to the vet this morning for a better peek at the toofers.
 Turning 11 years & 9 months old this month I was leery to have any type of anesthetic administered but watching him in such discomfort, we had to check out the inside of his mouth much closer than his strong little jaw would allow while wide awake!  Once again the wonderful girls at Bun's vet clinic came through with a special apparatus just for looking at wee bunnies' teeth!  Yay Dr. Agius!
Turns out that Bunbun was missing two upper molars on his left upper side as well as a few little "points" that had grown & may have been poking him in the tongue.  Now all filed down, we can begin to see if there is an improvement when eating & general comfort.  We had to take advantage of the "gas" & get a blood sample too in order to check some organ function!

Happy to be home, Binx is munching some late breakfast & no doubt will have a nice snuggly nap for the rest of the day.

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