Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012...

Bunbun & I wish you great things every day; not just on this 31st day of December.

Our thoughts are that too much is made of days on a calendar & very little is made of the days in between that matter the most.

If someone has inspired you to show kindness, love, respect, friendship, compassion....then let them know they are appreciated in your life; any day of the week, any day of the year. The best gift that you can give to anyone is your sincerest respect, gratitude & appreciation; letting them know that somehow they make a difference in the world.  In your world.

Life is short & many of us wear a smile to mask many things. In this crazy world my hope for the year 2013 is that more people will come back to a real place where things from the heart matter; because they really do.  I am bound for a new adventure in the new year that will take me to a new place, a new life & great adventure.

So on this cold Canadian winters night where Bun & I are tucked in, literally, with loads of love...we wish you well.  When you find a nice warm spot where you are happy, safe & loved...appreciate it.

On a side note, I thank you kindly for the sympathy & love shown with the loss of my beloved Grandmother. A hard year indeed to lose a person that is woven so deeply into each & every year that you have been alive.  No woman did so much asking so little in return. Fortunately I have a lifetime of conversations had in my head & a voice that will never leave me.   Love you always.


Penelope said...

Thanks for your words, Dusty and for demonstrating how it's done. Love and blessings to you and Bun for the coming year.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

My condolences. It is not easy.
Cheers from Cottage Country!