Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gifts from Grandma

Dresden Silver Plated 1911 Wm Rogers Serving Spoon
About 12 years ago my Grandmother, Alice, gave me this lovely berry spoon.  It is a truly glorious spoon as you can see by the Canadian quarter giving reference of its size.  It lives in an equally glorious bowl on a shelf in my kitchen that while the glass bowl may not be of collectable note, it did belong to my Grandmothers mother & is from approximately the 1920's.

While doing my Christmas cleanup; putting away the silverware from dinner, I thought about this spoon & after years of saying "just leave it as it is" decided to clean it up a little.  The bottom right was the before patina, & after a simple boiled water/baking soda bath in an aluminum pan, it was given a little bit of shine back.

While I certainly have more wonderful things I can show you, I wanted to show an example of a simple way to clean your silver or silver plate goodies.  Add a tbsp or so of baking soda & enough boiling water to cover everything you will be putting into the "bath" & add your items one at a time.  You will need some tongs to remove your items from the hot water after you are satisfied with the result.

No need for harsh chemicals that are just no good for anyone!


Laloofah said...

That spoon is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful treasure!

I've used a similar technique to remove tarnish from silver, but it involved aluminum foil as well as baking soda and boiling water. After seeing the results you got with your lovely spoon, I'm thinking I can certainly skip the foil part! Thanks for sharing, Izzy (and happy belated New Year!) :-)

Izzy said...

Happy New Year Laloo from Sir Binx & I! I had tried to line a pan with tear away foil with less success than just getting a ready made aluminum baking tray/pan.

Laloofah said...

I just realized I have no aluminum pan - got rid of all my aluminum several years ago. So I guess I'm stuck using foil, unless I buy an aluminum pan for this purpose (we use my mom's silver utensils every day, so I have more silver to polish than a lot of people!) :-)

Massive hugs and kisses to Sir Bunster (and a monster hug to you, too!) :-)