Monday, April 15, 2013

Bunny Bladder Health

While gradually trying not to embarrass my poor sweet Bunbun, we would hope that fellow bunny lovers would find this post helpful & useful.  Since November of 2012 Mr Binx has had some progressive pee pee troubles.  Where he was allowed full reign of the house & beds, he gradually started to pee on the bed; we thought it was an emotional issue but turned out it was not.  While relaxed Mr Binx could let it flow, but only gently dribble when the urge to go was his decision.  Easy fix was ramp to bed removed & at first, paper towels & sham wows in the night time spot of choice.  We show you Bunbun enjoying a nice day out at the beginning of April when it was actually sunny in Ontario before getting to the matter at hand.  Puppy training pads are our new best friend!

On top of piddle troubles, we have also been dealing with some drooling issues.  While we have not been for a second dental exam we decided it prudent to trim the fur on Bunbun's chin to alleviate his need to be bathed & blowdried daily.  It takes about a million hours to blowdry a wee buns chin!!  Mummy has been doing her best but this is a better solution.

Now for the real detailed issue & may my dear sweet Bunbun forgive me for any shame this may cause!  Every day we have been bathing toesies & unmentionables in order to prevent urine scald.  Urine scald occurs when a rabbits urine is sitting on their skin for too much of a length of time & can cause a bad burn to their much delicate skin.  Up until a few days ago, we had not had problems with the fur around Bunbun's pee pee being too unmanageable.  Today though, Mummy cried as after my bath she could see that she needed some loving help from Bun's favourite girl Dr. Kristin Agius.  With a lickety split of some well sharpened clippers & steady loving hands...well..Mr Binx went to the spa.  As you can see from the urine soaked fur picture...he has been totally exposed.  This is a good thing as you can see on the top portion of the outer part of his pee pee, the skin was indeed being scalded by this horrible state of pee peedom.  Cleaned, shaved & lovingly treated with Aloe Vera we saw improvements in happiness right away!

Bunbun was a trooper & not only endured the Bunny Brazilian but also a needle into his bladder to extract the more clear urine & then a nasty catheter in his poor pee pee that when removed relaeased this pale tea coloured urine.  Off it goes to the lab where we will learn more about what has been causing Bunbun to only dribble when he wishes to but release a full bladder when he is resting.

As you can see, Bunbun survived the ordeal marvellously & not only had licky licky kisses for me but ALSO for the lovely Dr Agius!  It took Mummy 11 years to get licky kisses!!  We are grateful for her patience & knowledge, despite being allergic to sweet wee buns & hope she has a dreamy, lovely special wedding day coming up!  We know she will look like a princess in her wedding dress!

Anyhow, results from the lab to follow & if we can share anything helpful; we will!

Love & nose bonks bunny lovers!


Anonymous said...

Urine AND saliva scald, poor bun!! Did you ever find out the causes? You're so good to bathe him and keep him clean =:)

Izzy said...

Hi Nicole, Thanks so much for popping by! It was really a mystery about the urine issue as I had reduced calcium rich foods from his diet, but about a month after this vet visit he did in fact push out some thin sludge for a few days & now has quite the power behind his stream. As for the saliva, I suppose it comes down to his age, he is 12 & almost 4 months old as of today. Imagine us at 90 years old! :)