Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bunny Saliva Burn

While most people find it slightly amusing when they see a cat or dog drool, it can mean something quite serious for our little rabbit friends.  While drooling can signal dental issues, or health problems, it can also do an enormous amount of damage to wee furry chins & chests & even down to the toes!  It has been unclear what is causing Bunbun to drool; perhaps being 12 years & 4 months old just brings drool along with it. Officially called Saliva Burn, you can see what can happen to a wee bunny just from drooling.
 This picture is taken just before a gentle cleaning, I won't call it a bath, & some loving blowdrying.  By just taking a washcloth, a soft one, & kind of soaking & pinching the fur you can clean your bunny without the stress of a full blown "dunk".  Since Bunbun has been using piddle pads, he has twice now dyed his little face blue by putting he wet face onto the border or the pads!  Always a joy!!
As you can see though, after all is washed & dried & dinner & treats are had, this little guy does ok with his very own fuzzy blanky & mummies very cozy arm to nuzzle on.  There is never a shortage of love & that makes almost anything bearable.

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