Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bunbun's First Tooth Trimming! Yikes!

For nearly a week my darlin' bunny decided he didn't want to eat his salads & was just not himself.  The drooling had stopped enough to let his fur grow back in but then BAM; drool machine.  We made a great decision & headed to our wonderful bunny vet.

A little gas to make the entire thing more manageable for my wee Binx.
 The exam showed that poor Bunbun's back left teeth had grown & were sticking into his cheek & his cheek was very swollen & he was perpetually biting it.  Poor dear.  I know when it happens to me, the swollen cheek part, it is awful.
 Oddly, having just turned 12 years & 5 months old, this was the first time Bunbun has had to have teeth trimmed.  We hope that this will allow him to eat & maybe even sample some hay; he has refused hay since November 2011!  We need to keep those teeth ground down & good health on the menu.  His little teeth are a bit loose (to go with 2 that were missing already) so we will do our best.
Since this whole ordeal, I have not seen my sweet bun sleep very much, dashing about at night, having little bun naps but no real super duper rest.  I decided to leave him alone for a while & came back in the room & found this!  CRASHED OUT! hee hee.

Side note....Bunbun weighed in at 3.3 lbs on this visit...let's see if we can fatten him up now!

Don't be shy to ask us any bunny questions, or vegan ones!! Have a great day!
These are the nasty little tooth bits that were making my wee bun so unhappy & unhealthy. So weird for first time in life this to happen at his age.


Anonymous said...

Wow - so interesting to see the tooth trimming set up. Thanks a lot for sharing! Mr. Hops Mom, Elana

Jodi said...

Such a tiny bun, we are so glad that they were able to get in there and clip those nasty teeth. Thank you for taking such good care of him. Jodi for Benny

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

What an operation! Wow.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Practical Parsimony said...

I did not see the decimal in 3.3 and thought you had a 33 pound rabbit that you were going to try and fatten up. I thought maybe you lived in a land with giant rabbits. I have cataracts...lol.

Beth Geise said...

Your bunny is so cute! I have a very sick mini lop with the drooling issue which began a week or so ago. Before this, he has had an upper respiratory infection...we are coming up on a month, two vet visits and three antibiotics. He now has cream for his hair loss which is now spread to his chest and both front legs.

Other than blow drying and making him wear mini bandanas, do you have any other suggestions?

He is not eating hay, does drink water and eats his salads well. Eating some letters too.

Izzy said...

Critical Care from Oxbow is an amazing support food if your bunny is not eating hay. I know we had the endless blow dry sessions and it is not easy on anyone! Just do your best. I like to put blowdryer in corner and give a massage and love rather than just freak him out with the whole thing. Good luck.