Saturday, September 21, 2013

Farewell Summer 2013

 With nearly 4000km under our tiny belts this summer, Bunbun & I hope you all had an equally as lovely summer doing things that you love & getting as much fresh air as you possibly could!
Bunbun loved his sunny days, yummy fresh garden picked food & wonderful Acadian music by the light of the campfire each night!  Of course afternoon naps with his wee nose in the sun was most relaxing while Mummy admired him from the porch swing.
With "merely" (hee hee) 12lbs of glass collected these were the ones that we loved the most & are not as common.  The brown bottle that we actually already owned, from 1936, was lucky to find a small piece of one of it's fellow bottles fresh out of the Atlantic!! Where had it been churning around all these years; one can only imagine.  Pinks & blues, & all shades of green were wonderful discoveries but of course I did a superb happy dance on the beach having spied the wee orange one that several people had passed by that day.  It has a small asterisk carved into it & one can only imagine what it once was & how it came to be in the ocean.  A winter of jewellery making for this girl along with a new craft project that perhaps I will share soon!!

Happy Autumn friends!! As life continues we hope to share more adventures of a new season full of colour & cool air that makes us a little silly! Be well & be happy!

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