Sunday, December 01, 2013

Happy December!! Holidays are here!!

Look at all that swag!  My tiny wee sweet Bunbun won 4th place in a competition showing him enjoying his favourite toy.... a piece of paper towel nonetheless!! 

We are super busy doing major renovations, picking new floors that look like old floors, and trying to find time for all the things we love in between!  Sometimes you find things you didn't know you had when you just turn everything upside down!!

Happy December to you all & we hope you have a safe, stress-free holiday season full of love.  We all deserve that.  

Check out the amazing gifts that we received from our most loveable pals from Finland, Dennis Hopper, DeeDee & Mambo...and well yes, I guess Kaija must have licked the stamp! Hee Hee.  Thank you so much for this!!  We are enjoying our far away friendship & look forward to meeting you one day!

No doubt a tiny blog about some new holiday vegan treats will follow at some point but if we get too tied up with the holiday....thanks for another year of love & visits & super kind emails.  We appreciate every one!  We've been seen in 38 countries nearly 8000 times! Wow! Not bad for a silly little vegan guitar playing bunny blog!  Mummy hopes to put more guitar stuff on her YT channel next year too since she will be in a more relaxed happy place both in mind & body!  

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