Monday, March 10, 2014

To Pet Valu - Are Rabbits Pets or Pet Food? You can not have both!!

(Letter sent to Pet Valu)


To whom it may concern (if it will concern anyone at all)

I went into one of your Pet Valu stores today to pick up an item for my rabbit.  My domesticated, part of the family, “pet” rabbit.  You sell various items ranging from food, hay, toys, litter, litter boxes and treats for these animals so I get the impression that 
Pet Valu considers rabbits to be a domesticated animal that is part of a home as a 
pet/companion animal equal to dog or cat.

Upon reaching the checkout I looked around at the various “add-on” items that are placed for last minute sales.  I was thoroughly appalled, and confused, to see that right there, where I was about to lay down my money, a product called “Hare of the Dog”.  Otherwise knows as rabbit jerky...for dogs.  Touting on the label “thanks for supporting the American rabbit industry” on top of it.

I’m not sure your store grasps the magnitude of rabbit owners that are customers of 
Pet Valu.  We are many and we shop with great love for our chosen companion animal.  A rabbit.  I would imagine that the great thinkers within your purchasing department would immediately have an issue, and a real uphill climb, trying to market dog meat for cats and cat meat for dogs.  Why do you feel it is appropriate and conscientious to sell rabbit meat for dogs?

You sell a good portion of your store to rabbit owners.  Deemed a pet/companion animal by your organization you profit on the various items that go with living with, and loving, this increasingly desired animal companion.  I will add also that many rabbit owners are multiple pet owners where there are dog, cat AND rabbit are all living nicely together.

I am disgusted by the ignorance that your company has shown in the selling, and profiting, of one domestic animal to feed another.  It is morbid.  I will not shop in your stores again and be advised, an army of bunny lovers are a very powerful consumer group. I plan to share this letter with as many who will spread the word.

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