Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Youth In Asia

Bunbun here....a quick update!  We went to visit the loveliest Dr. Agius today & Mummy was obsessed with talking about "the youth in asia". Don't ask me what that meant...but all I know is I left with a brand new shirt!!  I have a wonky leg that I prefer to be lazy about & rest on my shoulder instead of use it...even though I have muscles in it & use it when I have to.  But sometimes I go flying around like a little drunk person. So, a trip to our favourite bunny doctor has given us some ideas to keep me rollin' down the road & enjoying many a more salads & love sessions....stay tuned!!

As you can see, we are doing well & awesome despite any wobbly legs.  
Enjoying every breath of fresh air & even on the road to our biggest adventure yet!


Jeff Boice said...

Bun looks good! :o) JB

Optimistic Existentialist said...

How adorable :)