Thursday, August 04, 2016

It's Good to Grow!

Who doesn't love succulents?  Finally we have had time to give it a whirl; propagating some new plants from leaf cuttings.  Being the first time, there has been a lot of uncertainty but as you can see the wee roots are coming along nicely!
After letting the leave tips "scar" over, I placed them on a shallow bed of cactus & succulent soil.  I used a super spray bottle to gently mist them for a few days, then used a more direct stream in the soil in front of each tip - daily.  They are in a sunny spot but not direct sunlight & happily more than expected are rooting!  Experts said half would be acceptable but we are at a good 70%!!

It all started with this group that I purchased to beautify my Grandpa's old toolbox; which is likely about 30+ years old.  Then the addiction kicked in.....hee hee

Happy Summer friends & don't forget how good it feels to get your hands dirty!

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